01. Thousands of people lost their homes and all their belongings in the [conflict] in Kosovo this spring.
02. I can't take that course because the time [conflicts] with my psychology lecture.
03. Witnesses to the murder gave [conflicting] reports of what happened, so police are still investigating.
04. There are reports out of the Middle East of a worsening in the [conflict] between the Palestinians and Israeli settlers on the West Bank.
05. The U.S. and Russia are meeting today to try to find a way of bringing an end to the armed [conflict] in Yugoslavia.
06. Jeane Kirkpatrick once said that we have war when at least one of the parties to a [conflict] wants something more than it wants peace.
07. The potential for religion to contribute to [conflict] has been dramatically illustrated in Northern Ireland.
08. There is an Irish proverb which states, "Let him who will not have advice have [conflict]."
09. Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity brought him into [conflict] with the Catholic King, James II.
10. William E. Channing once remarked that the human spirit grows strong by [conflict].
11. It is important for children to learn how to resolve [conflicts] through discussion.
12. Karen Horney once said that fortunately, psychoanalysis is not the only way to resolve inner [conflicts]. Life itself remains a very effective therapist.
13. In the 1950s, Austria's leaders declared that the country would not take sides in any future European [conflict].
14. The central districts of Estonia's two main cities have changed little despite a long history of invasion, occupation, warfare and [conflict].
15. Egypt often acts as neutral ground and negotiator in [conflicts] between nations in the Middle East.
16. The [conflict] for fresh water is growing in many of the former Soviet republics, which share many of the same waterways.
17. For decades, the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been a source of [conflict] between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
18. In 1943, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled schoolchildren could not be made to salute the American flag if doing so would [conflict] with their religious beliefs.
19. Thailand was allied with Japan during World War Two, but became a U.S. ally following the [conflict].
20. By studying psychology, you may learn things about yourself that [conflict] with your familiar view of everyday experience.
21. The staff meeting [conflicted] with my dental appointment, so I had to reschedule.
22. It is estimated that there are as many as 300,000 child soldiers who are currently fighting in at least two dozen armed [conflicts] around the world.

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